Can I supply my own food & beverage?

You can supply beverages as long as you are not selling tickets to your event or offering a cash bar at your event.  If this is the case you would need to talk to your catering company about providing a liquor licence for your event.

Even though we are a BYO venue we do still require your beverages to be served to your guests during the event by RSA staff members.

We also have a list of trusted preferred suppliers when it comes to catering for your event or you are welcome to use your own preferred licenced caterer I you select your own catering company outside The Lushington preferred supplier list you are required to have a venue trained staff member at your event from 1/2 hour prior to guests arrivals until lock up so they can work with your catering company to show them where everything is in the venue & lock up at the end of the night.


What is the capacity of The Lushington?

We recommend no more than 400 guests for a cocktail event and no more than 200 for a sit down event, however we also specialise in smaller more intimate affairs for your closest VIP friends.


Will there be another event on the night?

The venue is yours exclusively even if you only choose to use a portion of space available for your event



There is ample parking next door to the venue – Get Parked – ph: 1300 727 533 – e-mail: enquiries@getparked.com.au - www.getparked.com.au - address: 9 Hubert Street, Woolloongabba 4102


Closing Times of the Venue?

Friday & Saturday nights it is by 11.30pm with lock up by 12 midnight at the latest - we organize express entry into venues around Woolloongabba for the guests who want to continue on & order taxis/uber for the guests who want to go home

Monday – Thursday & Sunday nights by 10.30pm with lock up by 11pm at the latest – we all have to get up the next day for work so this is late enough but again for those who want to continue on Brisbane is your oyster


Can we play music?

Yes but ALL entertainment must be respectful of the sound levels within the venue – sorry in advance for this one but we need to be strict here because we have neighbours & nobody wants to get their neighbours off side especially not us, but the volume is more than enough at 95 DB to have a great party while keeping the peace at The Lushington.

Bump in & Bump ou?

You have access on the day of your event from 10am for bump in & bump out is by 12 midnight on Friday & Saturday nights & 11pm Monday - Sunday nights. The Lushington will leave the furniture required for your event in the space for you to set up on the day of your event, at the end of your event you leave the furniture where it is for us to change around for the next event.